My Services

Please stay tuned as I am developing additional services


What to expect in a one-to-one training session with me: 

  • Evaluate: I observe a dog’s behavior, your response to its behavior, and consider a variety of influencing factors.
  • Educate: I teach families about natural instincts of dogs & how to “speak” more effectively with them.
  • Example: I demonstrate training techniques that will help your dog understand what you want.
  • Empowerment: Then, I coach and support you in applying new skills, techniques, and communication styles.



Training Fees:

First Session:

  • Includes: evaluation, education, training, and coaching.
  • 90 minutes long.
  • $150.

Additional and/or Refresher Sessions:

  • Includes: training and coaching.
  • Typically 60 minutes long.
  • $80 per hour (rate and time reduction).

Travel Fees:

  • Calculated using Mapquest’s travel TIME from my home in Ledyard, CT.
  • If your home is greater than 30 minutes away from Ledyard, I will add a travel fee for my time spent travelling ONE WAY TO your home.
  • Billed in $10 increments for 15 minutes of travel.

Total Fee Example:

  • First training session in Ellington, CT.
  • Ellington is 1 hour and 15 minutes from my home in Ledyard, therefore travel fee will be $50.
  • Training fee is $150 for a 90 minute session.
  • Total fee = $50 (travel) + $150 (training) = $200.
  • Second training session (if requested): $50 (travel) + $80 (1 hour of training) = $130.