My Services

Please stay tuned as I am developing additional services


Private training sessions: My 4E approach

  • Evaluate: I observe a dog’s body language and actions AND your response when it exhibits good and bad behavior.
  • Educate: I teach families how to communicate more efficiently with their dog. That is, how to use a language that makes sense to your dog. I teach you about the principal of being a Pack Leader for your dog versus being a Follower.
  • Example: I demonstrate training techniques that will help your dog understand what you want.
  • Empowerment: Then, I coach and support you in applying new skills to become a more effective Pack Leader, which is exactly what your dog is hoping for.



Cost depends on one-way travel distance traveled from my home in Ledyard, CT to your home.

First Session: (Observation, Evaluation, Training)

  • Up to 25 miles: $125 for a 90 minute session.
  • 26-50 miles: $125 plus $15 travel fee. Total = $140.
  • 51-75 miles: $125 plus $25 travel fee. Total = $150.
  • 75+ miles: $125 plus $50 travel fee. Total = $175.


Additional Sessions: If needed or requested (Training only):

  • Training fee reduced by 25% to a rate of $60 per hour.
  • Travel fee remains the same.