My Services

How Can I Help You?

PRIVATE LESSONS (in your home)

I provide:

  • Evaluation: I observe a dog’s behavior (good and bad) and your response to its behavior.
  • Education: I teach you about the root cause of problems, contributing factors, and the natural instincts of dogs. & how to “speak” more effectively with them.
  • Examples: I demonstrate training techniques that will help you communicate more effectively with your dog.
  • Empowerment: Then, I coach and support you in applying new skills, techniques, and communication styles.

Training fees:

First Session:                                                                                                                   Additional/Refresher Sessions:

  • Includes: evaluation, education, training, and coaching.                                      Includes: training and coaching.
  • 90 minutes long.                                                                                                          60 minutes long.
  • $135.                                                                                                                               $70.

Travel fees (if applicable):

  • Calculated using Mapquest’s travel TIME (minutes traveled) from my home in Ledyard, CT.
  • 30 min     45 min     1 hour     1 hr, 20 min     1 hr, 40 min     2 hours
  •   $10             $15           $20              $30                      $45                  $60



FACEBOOK LIVE TRAINING (in testing phase)