My Mission:

Teaching People & Helping Dogs

My Testimonials

My Resume

  • Since 2006, nearly 1,000 families (many with multiple dogs) have invited me into their homes and sought my help.
  • I trained dolphins, California sea lions, seals, walrus, and Beluga whales for 8 years.
  • I’ve experienced the miraculous births of a puppies, led them through life, and experienced the heartache of helping them cross the Rainbow bridge.

My Approach

  • With respect and courtesy, I evaluate, educate, and provide examples and empowerment to families.
  • I use a training method WITHOUT using treats and WITHOUT a “heavy-hand.”
  • I am an active listener, a non-judgmental guest in your home, and a patient teacher.

My Personal Life

  • Parent to a pack of dogs and a pride of cats.
  • Happily married since 2002.
  • Thankful for the trust referrals of satisfied clients and industry professionals.
  • I enjoy writing inspirational blogs and books. You can read my work at and

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