My Mission:

Teach People & Help Dogs

I Believe:

  • We enrich a dog’s life.
  • Dogs enrich our lives.
  • In helping frustrated and desperarate dog owners make a connection with their dog.
  • Dogs are innately well-balanced. We just need to remind them how to live peacefully.

My "Resume"

  • I was a marine mammal trainer for 8 years. I trained: dolphins, california sea lions, seals, walrus, and beluga whales.
  • I started The Problem Pooch in 2006.
  • I have worked with over 100 different species of pure-bred dogs and countless varieties of mixed-bred dogs.
  • If you found me, you were likely referred by a satisfied client. I take an immense amount of pride in gaining my clients’ trust.

What Will You Like About Me?

  • I will be respectful, gentle, and kind with you and your dog.
  • You will feel comfortable in my judgement-free-zone.
  • I work in the privacy of your home – where most problems occur.
  • I have compassion. This video shows a “family reunion” after I was able to rescue a dog who had been on-the-run for 6 weeks.

My Personal Life

  • Parent to 5 dogs & 4 cats.
  • Happily married since 2002.
  • I am an active writer and blogger.
  • I used to be a lot of things, like an owner, breeder, handler of AKC Champion Samoyeds. Now, I am just a less-stressed owner!a-7-28-07-champion


You will see that you are not alone in the problems you are having.

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On this site, I blog about the life lessons that I have learned from my life with dogs or when I encounter any other of nature’s wonderful creatures.

another of my personal blogs

This is where I like to write about finding wisdom and beauty in unusual places. I inspire people to answer their “wake-up” calls.

I have many passions

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am also pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Nutrtiion and Functional Medicine.

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