2ndchancebookcoverA Second Chance To Smile is a short, picture-filled eBook.

I created this eBook to encourage people to carefully consider the effects a new dog will have on their family.

Current owners of a rescue dog have found this book helped them realize that others have experienced the same struggles and the same emotions. Potential owners can make a well-informed decision as this book touches on the positive and negative outcomes of rescuing a dog.

Since 1999, I have been and continue to be a proud owner of several rescue dogs.

The dog who graces the cover is our very own Miss Kanga. When we adopted her, she certainly looked like a dog, but she came to us with severe behavioral and emotional issues. Eventually, she learned how to express the infamous Samoyed Smile. In fact, she became my best training assistant and she routinely joined me on appointments to help calm other problem pooches.

I encourage you to share A Second Chance To Smile with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who you feel may benefit from its message.

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